Market Focus

Ethiopia as well as strategic regional investments with strong linkages to Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Tanzania or Uganda.

Preferred Sectors

A growing industrial sector, strong government support and implementation of industrialization policies, a significant pool of young workers, urbanization, relatively low cost of energy and labor offer significant investment opportunities.
In addition, Ethiopia is strategically located to access export markets in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asian countries, supported by its world-class Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopian Shipping Lines, and the country’s investment in infrastructure

A large amount of arable land, unmet needs for agricultural products, the opportunity for commercial farming and agro-processing all mean attractive investment opportunities exist while providing significant long-term benefits to the country. Currently, the majority of value-added agricultural products are imported and Cepheus believes there are growth opportunities for both export driven and import substitution enterprises, given input price advantages in the Industry.

With Ethiopia’s large population poised to enjoy an increasing disposable income, Cepheus has identified sectors in the services industry as a promising opportunity for expansion; especially the education, healthcare, and technology sectors. The service sector represents ~39% of the Ethiopian economy and is growing.

Value Add

Supporting growth in volumes, products, geographies, and exports.  Operational improvements in management techniques, HR development, corporate governance, environmental and social standards leading to margin expansion.

Target Companies

Growthalready established medium to large companies
Underdeveloped Companiesinefficiently managed companies with underutilized capacities with a clear path to growth
Underserved Sectorsgreen/brownfield companies

Portfolio Value Creation

  • Monitor market trends and competitive landscape and advise portfolio companies on strategic implications
  • Analyze portfolio company product offerings to determine the need for product line expansion/reductions
  • Review upstream and downstream value add opportunities
  • Coaching and mentoring leadership to enhance efficiency and productivity
  • Increase the portfolio companys' corporate social responsibility engagements
  • Support in implementing operational efficiencies & margin expansion, HR capacity development, corporate governance, an introduction of modern-day management and market knowledge
  • Support in the understanding of local market dynamics