Any person, community, or other external stakeholder, such as a civil society organization can submit queries or concerns to Cepheus Growth Capital Partners (“CGCP” or ” Cepheus”) team using compliance@cepheuscapital.com, which will be addressed by CGCP in a timely manner. Admissible complaints include: any significant social, environmental or integrity concerns involving Cepheus Growth Capital Partners management and employees, CGCP investee companies in Ethiopia or investors of all investment vehicles managed or advised by CGCP. After sending your queries or concerns, you will be sent a confirmation of receipt within 5 business days and a response in writing within 20 business days. There is no cost or fee associated with submitting a question or concern. You may submit queries or concerns without fear of retribution and may request that CGCP not disclose the names of individuals to the project company without prior permission. Furthermore, you may submit anonymously if preferred but recommend that you include your contact details for further communication.


This policy will allow all employees, portfolio companies and other stakeholders to disclose particulars of suspected or alleged unlawful, unethical or irregular conduct in the firm, without fear of reprisal. You may submit queries or concerns in regard to unethical or irregular conduct by Cepheus Growth Capital Partners (CGCP) or its employees without fear of retribution. The identity of the whistle-blower will not be disclosed unless required by laws or regulation. In such cases, all required procedures will be followed to ensure the whistle-blower does not suffer any negative consequences. All reports must provide sufficient evidence to justify an investigation to be launched. This should include the details of the alleged improper activity, any evidence, who was involved, where it took place, the place and time and how the reporting person was aware of the activity at a minimum. Findings of the investigation will be communicated to the person who initially submitted the report, the individuals under investigation and internal or external authorities as applicable. Reports can be submitted to compliance@cepheuscapital.com.